Portable Mobiprep/Mobiscope


Contains maintenance-free batteries to work without stationary mains, consists of a control unit and a precision hand-guided grinding-polishing device with high performance micro motor. Output 36 V, adjustable in 5 steps

Hand-guided device: High Torque Brushless DC Motor
Included accessories: Reduction Gear – Angle Piece 90° – Grinding and polishing carriers (5 pieces)
Automatic Charger 12 V / 2,5 A
Optional Etching Pen
Dimensions: 104 x 54 x 160 mm, Weight 1 kg.

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Portable Metallurgical Microscope

Basic Magnification : 100x - 500x
Eyepieces : WF10X/FN18, Dia. 23.2
Objectives : 10x/0.25 (W.D. 7,3 mm), 50x/0.65 (W.D. 0.5mm)
C-mount adapter (for connecting C-mount cameras)
Mechanical tube length 160 mm
Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, range:36mm
Polarizing Kits : Polarizer and Analyzer
Coaxial illumination, build-in LED rechargeable, brightness adjustable
Including portable aluminum case.