Complete Calibration Solutions

Quick Change Tension Adaptor Value Kits

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This kit of Quick-Change Tension Members and Adapters includes all the tension members and tension adapters needed to perform force calibration in tension in a Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine or any other device designed for force calibration.

The swiveling tension members are mounted on the tension side of the calibrating machine and various adapters are used to install the unit under test into the machine. Take advantage of this offer at 20 % less than the price for individual items. Plus save on changeover time and the cost of adapters. Future expansion possibilities include adding any other tension adapters, clevises, or rod ends to the kit.

The kits features:

A 20 % saving on the cost when ordering the full kit
Various maximum capacities available: 120 klbf, 60 klbf, 30 klbf, 12 klbf
Reduce tension changeover time and overall calibration cycle time
Easier and faster setup for calibration technicians
Improve alignment by using a spherical radius contact as defined by ISO 376
Simplify setups by using one tension member with several adapters
Fit for use with additional clevis assemblies to calibrate crane scales, tension links, and dynamometers
Rust-resistance black oxide coating on all parts helps keep things clean


Adaptable Clevis Value Kits

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Each Adaptable Clevis Kit includes one set of clevises and a number of pins with different diameters to calibrate various instruments in tension mode such as dynamometers, crane scales, and tension links. Each pin is manufactured to the diameter specified by the manufacture of each instrument to eliminate the reading errors that can be generated from inconsistencies in the pin size.

Kits are available at various capacities (120k lbf, 60k lbf, 30k lbf, and 12k lbf) and can be used with the Morehouse Quick-Change Tension Members and Adapters for maximum versatility and user-friendliness. These kits eliminate the need for purchasing several clevises and yield remarkable savings in terms of adapters cost, storage space, and process improvement. View the data sheets for a complete list of instruments which can be calibrated with the Adaptable Clevis Value Kits.

Each kits features:

One set of clevises and multiple pins with various diameters
Protective rollers for the pins subjected to concentrated loading from shackles
Precision manufacturing to ensure levelness, alignment, and manufacturer’s specified pin diameters
Significant savings in adapters cost for force calibration labs
Can be used with Quick-Change Tension Members and Adapters for improved alignment and easier setup
Fast changeover between units under test by using the same clevis and changing the pins
Rust-resistant black oxide coating on all parts


Prestressed Concrete Calibration Kits

Available in 50k or 75k capacities, the kit is optimized for calibrations in prestressed concrete applications. Optional special top adapters are available, which help with better alignment and protection from concentrated forces.

The load cell is a hollow compression canister type with a chrome cover jacket. It is designed with 0.75” through hole, which allows for either a 0.5” or 0.6” cable to pass through. The swivel top assembly design provides uniform load distribution. The load cell is calibrated with primary deadweight standards accurate to < 0.002 %. ASTM E74 or ISO 376 calibrations and classifications can be provided based on the user’s requirements.

The kit is offered with various indicators including the Morehouse Gauge Buster 2, PSD, or PD6100. The Gauge Buster 2 produces a close to direct reading measurement that can meet portability, sensitivity, and stability demands. The Morehouse PSD is a hand-held, battery-powered, two-channel indicator that is close to direct reading and simple to use. The PD6100 is a hard-wired unit that has a dual-line display and dual-scale capability that allows the measurement to be displayed in two different units of measure.

The kit includes:

50k or 75k capacity hollow load cell
Load cell cables needed for the indicator
Carrying case for easy, safe transportation
Display options: Morehouse PSD, Gauge Buster 2, or PD6100 indicator
Adapter Options: Alignment adapters, which help center the force and protect loading surfaces. These are sized for the desired cable or rebar diameter.


Concrete Compression Machine Calibrator Kit

The Concrete Compression Machine Calibration Kit is optimized for the calibration of concrete compression testing machines and other testing equipment in the field up to 600,000 lbf. The 600k lbf load cell included in the kit was specifically designed for field applications and at 28 lbs, weighs considerably less than a typical load cell at this capacity. The kit includes special top and bottom blocks for all load cells, which helps with better alignment and protects the testing machine platens from concentrated forces.

The kit is offered with various indicators including the Morehouse GB2 High Stability Gauge Buster, which produces more stable and repeatable readings than the regular model. The Morehouse HADI can also be paired with the kit to use ASTM E74 or ISO 376 calibration coefficients and record calibration data in a laptop. The kit can be ordered with one or two carrying cases, based on the user's preference.

Features include:

Compression calibration capability from 400 to 600,000 lbf
Optional tension calibration capability from 400 to 60,000 lbf
Less weight, designed for more portability and field applications
Primary deadweight calibration for 5 and 60k lbf load cells
ASTM E74 or ISO 376 calibrations and classifications based on user’s requirements
Highly stable indicator options
Top and bottom blocks which help with better alignment and protect loading surfaces
The kit includes:

A Morehouse 600k lbf Multi-Column Mini Load Cell
A Morehouse 60k lbf Load Cell with optional tension calibration
Morehouse 5k lbf Calibration Shear Web Load Cell with optional tension calibration
One Compression Base Block with alignment groves for each load cell
One Alignment Top Block for 600k lbf load cell
One Spherical Load Button for compression loading of 60k lbf load cell
One Alignment Top Block for 60k lbf load cell
One Top Block for 5 klbf shear web load cell
Load cell indicator (Morehouse HADI or GB High Stability Gauge Buster)
Load cell cables required for the ordered indicator
One or two carrying cases, based on the user’s preferenc