Thermal Shock Tester

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TMJ-9709 Thermal Shock Tester

The TMJ-9709 Thermal Shock Tester is designed To test a wide range of materials including: Films, Textiles, Leather, printing, paints, ink, Automotive parts, aviation industries, Handphone, Electronic parts and components and etc. in testing the materials in drastic change of temperature from either very high temperature to very low temperature or from very low temperature to sudden high of temperature prior to other capability and functionability test.

OYO LCD Display Controller

Pre -heat and cooled range :
• Heat Range : 60.0°C - 200.0°C
• Cool Range : -10.0°C - -70.0 °C
• Thermal shock Range:
   High Temperature Range : 60.0 °C - 150.0°C
   Low Temperature range : -10.0 °C - -70.0°C
• Testing Standard
• 2-Zones Test Mode:
   150.0°C<---- (within 5min) --->-70.0°C
• 3-Zones Test Mode:
   150.0°C<--- (within 5min) -->RT-- (within 5min) - ->- 70.0°C
• Resolution : 0.1°C
• Uniformity : ±2.0°C
• Inside Dimensions : Testing Area 50 X 40 X 40 (W X H X D)CM
• Outside Dimensions : 160 X 198 X 145 (W X HX D)CM
• Weight : Approx. 1000kg
• Power Supply : 3Ø, 220/415VAC, 4W 50/60Hz