Fog Condensation Dual Chamber

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Headlamp Fog Condensation Dual Chamber 


The right area is the back of the lighting fixture (engine room). This area tests high and low temperature cycles and constant temperature and humidity., The left area is the lens mounting surface (outside vehicle components). This area tests cold water, rainfall, constant temperature and humidity, wind speed, and light. Both the left and right areas can be operated separately in temperature and humidity conditions.
Using SUS#304 stainless steel plate.
Double-sided galvanized steel (T = 1mm), surface with powder coating.
Imported high strength PU foam insulation(T=100mm).
SUS304 stainless steel adjustable lighting fixture.
Adopt high temperature resistant fiber canvas and cotton board to insulate and withstand wind pressure without deformation.
Four stainless steel metal hoses can adjust any spray angle.
Wind speed and lighting system are optional installation.