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Dust Tester

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   TMJ 9723 Dust Tester  


  • Inside Dimensions (W×H×D):900 × 900 × 900mm
  • Outside Dimensions(W×H×D):1550 × 1800 × 1300mm
  • Temperature range:Ambient ~ +5°C to 85°C
  • Temperature resolution: ±0.1°C
  • Humidity range: 45% ~ 85% RH
  • Dust  concentration:

      *F1: 60000mg/m3*C1: 5000mg/m3/5m/s    

       F2: 3000 mg/m3 C2: 100 mg/ m3/5m/s

       F3: 100 mg/m3

  • Test cycling: 0 ~999s or 0~ 99Hrs
  • Power consumption: 1Ø, 220V, 5KW
  • Safety devices: Control circuit overload & short circuit protection fuse, overheat protector, thermal fuse, watchdog timer, emergency switch, warning light: for low dust  level, test end buzzed

      * F = Float Dust Test

      * C = Circulation Dust Test



The TMJ-9723 Dust Tester is designed with German and Japan technology able to testa wide range of materials including: Films,

textiles, leather, printing, paints, ink, automotive parts, aviation industries, hand phone, electronic parts/components andetc in testing

the materials Dustproof capability and function ability.

Through advanced technology and quality engineering T-Machine has produced

this Dust Tester which is accurate and easy to use. Powerful as a standalone unit.

The T-Machine 9723 Dust Tester can be used in laboratory and factory environments.

T-machine guarantees the resolution and accuracy of the machine by providing

a traceable calibration certificate free of charge.

International test standards related as following:

IEC- 60529, 5×and 6×

CNS: 7139

JIS 0207

SAE J757

MIL-STD-810G method 510.4

IEC 60068-2-68