High Ram Rate Temp Chamber

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Programmble High ram rate Temperature Chamber 


‚ÄčThe machine can test high temperature, low temperature, cold and hot cycles and constant temperature and humidity. Heating, cooling, humidifying, and dehumidifying can be completely independent. Touch setting method, locked by microcomputer, makes temperature and humidity control more accurate, with 12 groups of P.I.D. automatic calculation function. The temperature and humidity reference point deviation can be corrected by the program. When the temperature sensing rod fails, it can also be actively checked.
Imported high strength PU foam insulation, thickness 100mm.
Double over-temperature protection.
SWEP heat exchange system design.
Stainless steel single axis fan motor.
Temperature control: P.I.D + P.W.M + S.S.R.
European original high-performance refrigeration compressor.