Rain Tester

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The TMJ-9710 Rain Tester is designed with German and Japan technology able to test a wide range of materials including: Films, Textiles, Leather, printing, paints, ink, Automotive parts, Hand phone, Electronic parts and components and etc.

in testing the materials Rainproof capability and functionability.

Through advanced technology and quality engineering T-Machine has produced this Rain Tester which is accurate and easy to use. Powerful as a stand alone unit.

The T-Machine 9710 Rain Tester can be used in laboratory and factory environments. 

T-machine guarantees the resolution and accuracy of the machine by providing a traceable calibration certificate free of charge.

International test standards related as followings:

SAE: J575E

JIS: D0203, D5500

CNS: 7138

MIL: 810D, 810E

IEC: 60529


Walk in Size Water Spray Tester per IEC 60529 : IP 3, IP4

Also Available following IP accessories :

IEC 60529 : IP5 .IP6, IP7, IP8, IP9