Dynamic/Fatigue Tester

Dynamic/Fatigue Tester 

LFV-L system up to 50kN

LFV system up to 3000kN

LFV-E Electrodynamic system

LFM Hybrid Test System 

Axial Torsional system

- Biaxial Planar Testing System


Dynamic/Fatigue Tester to 50kN         Electric motor dynamic Tester        Dynamic/Fatigue Tester to 3000kN

Axial and Torsional Tester                      Multiaxial dynamic Tester                        Dental Fatigue Tester 


Dynamic & Fatigue Testing

w+b offers a wide range of dynamic and fatigue testing systems in different force capacities and configurations to meet the requirements of quality control, production, product research and development.
We are offering flexible, reliable and high-performance test system in standard design or as customized solutions ranging from up to high force for materials and components testing.
The portfolio includes Electrodynamic and Servohydraulic Systems covering a wide range of dynamic, fatigue and monotonic applications including TMF (Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue), LCF (Low-Cycle Fatigue), Fracture Mechanics, HCF (High-Cycle Fatigue), High-Strain Rate and Component Testing.

Owing to over 45 years of experience in the production of servohydraulic tests systems our machines includes a numerous of features and achievements guaranteeing operational efficiency, safety and reliable testing with minimum down-time.
Accuracy according to ISO 7500-1 etc. class 0.5 with high resolution and synchronized measurement of all channels.