Salt Spray Testing Solutions

Salt Spray Tester                              Combined Cyclic Salt spray Tester        


Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Testing Solutions

Thermal Shock Chamber     High Ramp Rate Temperature Chamber    Temperature and Pressure Chamber 


Oven Series Solutions


Oven up to 300oC                                         Aging Oven Series/air refresh feature


Weather Simulation Testing Solutions

Xenon Weater meter Chamber 


Water/Rain and Dust Testing Solutions

    Water/Rain Tester IEC/ISO                  Water/Rain Tester SAE/JIS                       Dust/Sand Tester 


Car/Motorcycle Headlamp and signal lamp Testing Solutions 

Lamp Shock Tester                                  Headlamp fog condensation Dual Chamber


PV Solar Panel Light Soaking Simulation Solutions 


PV Solar Panel Testing Chamber 


Walk In Chamber Series Solutions

Walk in Chamber Series 


Combined Chamber for Vibration Shaker Solutions

Combined Chamber for Vibration Shaker 


Ozone Tester