Oven Series

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Oven Series Temp up to 300oC


This oven is specifically designed for testing the thermal aging properties of rubber, plastics and various insulating materials. The oven is designed to test a wide range of materials including: Plastic, Rubber, Films, Packaging materials, Textiles, Leather, Adhesives, Medical products and components etc. in simulation of temperature and air circulation.
Internal material: SUS#304 stainless steel.
External material: SCE steel plate with powdery painting.
Air flow system: High temperature resistant long axis motor with powerful multi-wing wind wheel.
Forced horizontal air circulation, special air circuit design, high temperature uniformity.
Temperature control system: PID microcomputer control, PV/SV display button settings.
PID+S.S.R heating system.
Independent over-temperature protector, self-diagnosis function, overload automatic power-off system.