Image Analysis


Imaging Mesura
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Image capture, Image archiving, Image enhancement,

Calibration, measure Length, thickness, width, angle, radius, curve 
perimeter, area. Multi Image Alignment, Multi Focus Function.
Phase content analysis, Add Text & Marker Arrow and Calibration Scale,
Image annotation, Image report generator, 
Automatically measurements and threshold function,
Direct transfer to Excel.

Imagin Grano 200

Image capture, save and calibration, Grain sizing
software in compliance with ASTM E1382 / E112 and 
EN ISO 643, Horizontal, vertical, diagonal or circles interception methods.
Instant detection of Grain Boundaries, Powerful report
generator, Direct transfer to Excel.


Imaging Nodula

Imaging Trio

Including Imagin Hardware Set, Imagin Mesura 200, Imagin Grano 200 and
Imagin Nodula 200


Automatic Hardness Test and Documentation System
VMS 2000 Software Package Vickers/Knoop, Brinell measuring system
* Generate case depth
* Direct transfer to Excel
* Imprint on the Monitor,
* Digital calculation of Hardness Value,
* Measurement, Documentation and Archiving