Combined Cyclic Corrosion Tester

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Combined Cyclic Corrosion Tester 

​Of all accelerating corrosion test method, compound type is the one which is closest to the natural condition. This type of test is conducted in situation frequently encountered in natural environment. Such factors in the test as salt smog, hot air, humidity, and low temperature are well simulated and controlled during the course of test. The test process may be repeated in sequence to make the test like the one conducted in a real condition. The items used in the test are the ones usually encountering severe environmental changes and they include automobile parts, aviation parts, construction materials, coated electrical parts and machinery.
FRP configuration chamber, thickness: 6mm, max. working temperature: 120 ℃(metal plate will result in ion free and cause error value).
Salt spray test , dry test , humidity test , cooling tests repeatable and resettable.
Defogging system: defog with air pressure, and prevent the test chamber from affection of salt spray.
Testing Room Sealing Cover Made of transparent and impact withstanding Acrylic board of above 8mm In thickness, angle of 100°
Low Salt Solution Warning system ( when salt solution level is lower than the testing time, buzzing alarm will sound).