Electrolytic Tester

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Eloprep 102 

Electrolytic Polishing & Etching System

Automatic and programmable electrolytic polishing and etching of metallographic specimens, with Siemens PLC control unit, user friendly colored 7" LCD touch screen controls, short polishing times and maximum reproducibility, separate polishing unit equipped with drain pipe and integrated cooling system, dual Polishing & Etching units operable by the same control unit, optional external etching unit, 0-100 V output voltage for polishing, 0-25 V for etching and 0-25 V for external etching. Variable polishing time and current, with current limitation, built in safety features with continuous control of electrolyte, scanning function for easy determination of parameters, variable speed controlled pump with magnetic stirrer for electrolyte flow. Suitable for both normal and low temperature electrolytic polishing. Ready for operation.

Includes 1 pc. of stainless steel cathode.